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the energy shop Wiki

Intended for us all, to make use of procedures and knowledge relating to the technical and operational aspects of the business to be shared, added to and edited.


  1. Procedures
    1. Follow the money
    2. Project Administration
    3. Administrative Procedures
    4. Financial Procedures
    5. Technical Procedures
  2. Regular/repetitive Procedures
    1. Regular/repetitive Reports
      1. Daily
      2. Weekly
      3. Monthly Reports
      4. Adhoc reporting
      5. Checking if installed or repaired meters are updating when technician is onsite
      6. Follow up on installation and removal of portable meters and inactivating them once removed
      7. Exception reports
      8. Unhealthy Meters
      9. Dealing with client queries for their meters

Technical Assistance


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Standards, Certifications and Policies